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Using Coaching as Tool for Leadership Development

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As organizations grapple with the ever-changing business landscape, effective leaders are crucial to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. The assumption is often made that these executives do not need support in exercising mindful leadership. The truth of the matter is that everyone in a position of authority can benefit both personally and professionally from executive business coaching. In fact, your entire organization will reap the benefits of an investment in executive coaching services and its trickle down effect that helps businesses thrive. The coaching that you receive as an executive will consist of a valuable toolbox of methods that can be used to also coach your colleagues. You will be able to build a vulnerable and trusting team as you learn to effectively lead by example and allow for the greatest potential to emerge in your people.

What is Executive Coaching?

According to Stanford Graduate School of Business, “Executive Coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth. It focuses on improving performance by helping individuals to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.”

Leveraging executive business coaching or leadership coaching as a tool to develop leaders within the organization provides the opportunity for them to gain insight, perspective and clarity. Leaders grow in awareness and emotional intelligence, breaking down ideas, biases, and habits. This makes room for an enhanced approach to communication, and overall effectiveness. Together, coach and executive establish defined coaching goals to monitor and adjust progress. In turn, the executive is provided with the encouragement that is needed to achieve them. From the coach, they also receive guidance that empowers them to get unstuck and make sound decisions. They learn how to capitalize on their strengths and recognize areas in need of improvement, so that they can be acknowledged, addressed and improved. An executive coach will help with blind spots so that leaders consider all outcome angles, especially when tasked with the challenges of coaching through change and transition.

Why is Executive Coaching Effective?

When using coaching as a leadership development tool, an organization is making a great investment in the positive development of their current and future leaders. In having this level of support and commitment to active listening, powerful questioning can be used to bring about greater awareness. As leaders navigate the challenges and successes that inevitably cross their path, having access to an executive coach can make a significant difference in the choices that they make in providing solutions. According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching clients report the following invaluable achievements:

  • Improved work performance
  • More efficient time management
  • Increased team effectiveness
  • More growth opportunities
  • Enhanced relationships
  • More effective communication skills
  • Better work-life balance
  • Improved wellness

Effective leadership is vital to ensuring the positive culture and ultimate success of your business. At Scott Hackman Ventures, we provide exemplary executive coaching and services with a focus on growth in awareness, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and the enhancement of your skills. Contact us for more details. We will help you bring out the best in you as a leader and it will strengthen your entire team!

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Scott Hackman is the Founder and CVO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leading growth through transitions.
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