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How Facilitated Peer Coaching Can Make You A Better Leader

If you are in a position of leadership, it’s likely that you have felt incredibly lonely at times. Being the person in charge is by its nature an isolating responsibility, and you may not feel you have anyone to talk to about the experience of leading and the loneliness of being at the top. One […]

Building a Coaching Culture at Work

Woman creating coaching culture at work

There is a growing trend in organizations across industries to intentionally build coaching cultures. Why? It’s good for business. A study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Human Capital Institute (HCI) found companies with a coaching culture saw 13% higher revenues than industry peers who did not. Additional studies show coaching has a high return on […]

Trauma Informed Leadership: The Anti-Dote to Quiet Quitting

Fix Quiet Quitting - Scott Hackman Ventures

In our latest webinar, we had the pleasure of working with Carly Bergy from Lark Voice and Speech Services to provide her expertise around trauma-informed leadership. Carly’s tools and insights are incredibly relevant for leaders in any industry as the workplace phenomenon “quiet quitting” is on the rise.  It refers to employees who put no […]

Using Coaching as Tool for Leadership Development

Flat lay of office supplies and tools

As organizations grapple with the ever-changing business landscape, effective leaders are crucial to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. The assumption is often made that these executives do not need support in exercising mindful leadership. The truth of the matter is that everyone in a position of authority can benefit both personally and professionally from […]

Is There Hope for the Jaded Leader? Snuff Out Executive Burnout

5 matches with one burned and one sprouting a leaf

The nature of the 21st century executive is to cram 24+ hours of intentional activities into a 24 hour day. So many organizations are doubling down on command and control, birthing leaders who run on a combination of caffeine, adrenaline and half-functioning exhaustion. As a leader, this behavior is magnified because you are often faced […]

You Need a Leadership Coach

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Max de Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller, and author of Leadership is an Art, Leadership Jazz, and Leading without Power simply, yet profoundly expressed the importance of encouraging, accepting and leading change on the path to reaching one’s full potential. He stated, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we […]

The Importance of Leadership Alignment

Image of gears Company culture is a direct reflection of its leadership. When an Executive Team is on the same page about moving forward to resolve issues, reach objectives, and communicate these solutions effectively, harmony ensues and permeates throughout the organization. Mastery of this alliance is evident in the way in which small groups or departments mirror […]

Coaching Through Change & Transitions

Person riding a bike through gravel

Leaders of teams can use this process to guide the transition and lead change According to William Bridges, “Change is the external event or situation that takes place: a new business strategy, a turn of leadership, a merger or a new product. The organization focuses on the desired outcome that the change will produce, which […]

Grow Your High Potential Leaders to Grow Your Business

Group throwing a person into the air

Grow Your Future Leaders Now Today’s work environment is challenging and uncertain in many aspects. Organizations are forced to adapt quickly, resulting in rapid growth and transition at unprecedented levels. It may appear dire as you observe it, but we see it as a great opportunity to grow your future leaders and develop human capital […]


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