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Grow Your High Potential Leaders to Grow Your Business

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Grow Your Future Leaders Now

Today’s work environment is challenging and uncertain in many aspects. Organizations are forced to adapt quickly, resulting in rapid growth and transition at unprecedented levels. It may appear dire as you observe it, but we see it as a great opportunity to grow your future leaders and develop human capital to the highest potential.

Why is now the time? Because pressure and fire forge our greatest potential. Change, transition and growth allow us, as humans, to push through unfamiliar territory and as a result, become the best version of ourselves.

To grow your business, you must harness the human potential of your organization. It requires the concerted efforts of leadership programs, mentorship, and coaching. These initiatives build upon human and personal development that is then brought into the organization through individual leaders.

Do you want to become an intentional and growth-oriented organization?

Through the implementation of a strategic environment for learning and growth, your team’s greatest potential can be discovered. This doesn’t happen by accident or overnight. It requires intentionality, planning and investments in your most valuable assets—your people. When you’re moving towards growth and big goals, having your team on board and invested is essential.

At Scott Hackman Ventures, our leadership coaches help implement standard training modules within an organization that align with company goals and help guide our leaders to further develop their leadership skills.

Our modules that focus on growth help challenge participants to consider their own potential. Each individual’s expansion in thinking is a spark to ignite sustainable growth and success within the training group and then the overall organization. Here are a few examples:

  • Module 1: Self Leadership—This is appropriate for all employees—new and existing. This training emphasizes that everyone is a leader, even if they don’t have any direct reports. In fact, we inspire these individuals to use their self-leadership to influence others to change and take action. This type of leadership requires reflection open to transparency and feedback with a growth mindset.
  • Module 2: Foundations of Team-Leadership—This is aimed towards emerging leaders and new managers/supervisors. In this learning program, we focus on how to build healthy teams with creative collaboration. This teamwork often builds trust and breaks down barriers. As a result, teams are able to make intentional decisions in the creation of SMART, new goals.
  • Module 3: Leader as a Coach—This module is designed specifically for seasoned leaders and high potentials. Through a series of mindset and vulnerability workshops we encourage using a coaching mindset with powerful questions to grow and empower your team. We also take a deeper look into the different levels of listening to hone each leader’s listening skills.
  • Module 4: Scaling Leadership—Our last module focuses on recognizing the potential within team members, building on that and as a result, allowing them to grow both as individuals and leaders. This approach addresses the importance of succession planning to ensure that you have the right individuals primed to fill key roles in your organization. Another point of focus is how to properly manage transitions. Effectively scaling your people, ideas, and processes as your organization goes through rapid growth and change will set you and your team up for future transitional success.

Whether you’re a smaller company with a few key employees or a large organization with hundreds of employees, your role in shaping your team truly matters. Taking the time now to invest in your employees and future leaders increases retention rates, builds loyalty, and establishes an open and honest environment. As a business owner—what more could you ask for than having your team’s support as you grow and expand!

Personalized attention:

While these modules act as a guide through our process, we believe in the importance of working with each and every client to ensure that we create a tailored plan based on specific leadership development needs and goals.

How can we help you and your team? Shoot us a message.

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Scott Hackman is the Founder and CVO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leading growth through transitions.
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