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Building Psychological Safety for High-Performing Teams

Most of us, at some point in our careers, have worked in a business culture that made us feel held back. Maybe you felt hesitant to speak up in meetings, anxious about making even the smallest mistakes, or even surrounded by a facade of kindness that felt hollow and isolating. If so – it’s often […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Building an Empowering Leadership Development Program

In every setting, the presence of dependable and trustworthy leaders is essential. However, possessing innate leadership qualities isn’t a prerequisite for effective leadership. It’s perfectly normal for individuals to require guidance and support in honing their leadership skills. This is where we step in to assist. In this article, we aim to clarify what a […]

Cultivate a Thriving Whole Person Workplace Culture for Lasting Success

Throughout our lives, we’ve been encouraged to maintain a strictly professional demeanor in the workplace, avoiding personal aspects. But the truth is, the workplace is a vibrant ecosystem where people come together, each with their personal needs, strengths, and aspirations. Thriving organizations value employees bringing their whole selves to work, fostering a positive culture, and […]

How Facilitated Peer Coaching Can Make You A Better Leader

If you are in a position of leadership, it’s likely that you have felt incredibly lonely at times. Being the person in charge is by its nature an isolating responsibility, and you may not feel you have anyone to talk to about the experience of leading and the loneliness of being at the top. One […]

Building a Coaching Culture at Work

Woman creating coaching culture at work

There is a growing trend in organizations across industries to intentionally build coaching cultures. Why? It’s good for business. A study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Human Capital Institute (HCI) found companies with a coaching culture saw 13% higher revenues than industry peers who did not. Additional studies show coaching has a high return on […]

Healthy Conflict: How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace for Thriving Teams

Two groups of multicultural illustrated people lined up and standing across from each other

Disengage. Run! Panic. Defend. The concept of conflict at work carries such a negative association that simply saying the word “conflict” triggers one of the above reactions. There seems to be an underlying belief that all workplace conflict is bad, and it will only make situations worse. The key is to engage in healthy conflict […]

Creating a Culture of Feedback

A group meeting to provide feedback

We were surprised by the overwhelming response of executives and VP leaders when we offered a conversation about feedback culture. We talked specifically about how to strategically create space for direct, kind and actionable feedback (give and receive) that motivates leaders within organizations to grow and change culture. What is Feedback Culture? Feedback Culture is […]

Trauma Informed Leadership: The Anti-Dote to Quiet Quitting

Fix Quiet Quitting - Scott Hackman Ventures

In our latest webinar, we had the pleasure of working with Carly Bergy from Lark Voice and Speech Services to provide her expertise around trauma-informed leadership. Carly’s tools and insights are incredibly relevant for leaders in any industry as the workplace phenomenon “quiet quitting” is on the rise.  It refers to employees who put no […]

Using Coaching as Tool for Leadership Development

Flat lay of office supplies and tools

As organizations grapple with the ever-changing business landscape, effective leaders are crucial to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. The assumption is often made that these executives do not need support in exercising mindful leadership. The truth of the matter is that everyone in a position of authority can benefit both personally and professionally from […]

The Role of Leadership Alignment in Change Management

Drop of water in lake

Change is inevitable. How effectively change is managed in a business setting determines if a business can successfully realize long-term company outcomes. When the leaders guiding company change expertly balance consistency with compassion and leadership alignment, the transition can be the key to progress.   Why is Change Necessary for an Organization? Being able […]


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