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Leadership Venture

[lēdərˌSHip ven-cher]

A Leadership Venture partners with individuals, executives, and owners to clarify their vision for leadership and life in one-on-one sessions. You will meet with our team to uncover your goals and select a coach whose skills align with your desired outcome. Once you choose a coach, we work closely with you to define your vision – asking the hard questions and having the vulnerable conversations to overcome barriers, seek feedback around blind spots, and unlock potential to realize your fullest self.

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Shé Langley
CEO & SEO Strategist
Rank Lift Digital

Working with Mindy as a coach happened at a pivotal time. I was having a difficult time trying to stay motivated to rebrand and grow my business while navigating all the change that was taking place around me as a working mom and wife during a time of political and racial upheaval in a pandemic. The sessions I had with Mindy gave me time to hone in on the actions I could take to keep moving forward with my goals. With the guidance of a coach, I was able to cut through the noise in my brain and gain clarity about who I am as a founder and the type of leader I want to be for my team.

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