LEARN Venture

[lərn ven-cher]

Our Learn Venture is designed for the development of the whole organization. We discover your goals and blind spots and design a curriculum specific to the cross functional development of the organization. Our Learn Venture is designed for interactive participation through group workshops, facilitation, and coaching. Groups are designed to allow for meaningful conversation, and we can lead multiple groups simultaneously for organizational congruency. Based our internal principle of taking a learning stance, we work with the leaders to adapt the Learn Venture curriculum based on what is being uncovered throughout the process.



  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Development of Next Gen Leadership
  • Leading through Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Team Members
  • Coaching Habits
  • Building Trusting Teams

Jennifer Cable

One of the biggest tangible differences I notice as a result of coaching with Scott is transformed relationships with colleagues. He encouraged me to think about values of others and how they drive our thinking and behavior. I’ve learned more effective ways of engaging with others in the company to understand their points of view. I’ve been able to resolve conflicts through a consensus-based approach that presents a united front to employees.

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R&D, Curriculum Design

Strategic Planning,
Leadership Coaching

DiSC & Driving Forces,
Team & Leadership Coaching

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