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CORE Venture

[kohr ven-cher]

A Core Venture focuses on partners looking for alignment to clarify their vision. We work with all types of partnerships including business partners, siblings, or spouses – we call it the core relationships, as its alignment is the core of what’s needed to accomplish the shared vision. We will work closely with you to define your shared vision – asking the hard questions and having the vulnerable conversations to overcome barriers, seek feedback around blind spots, and unlock potential to realize your fullest selves. Core Ventures are designed for partners to invest both individually and collectively. This looks like one-on-one meetings with each partner, as well as ongoing partner meetings. Our Core Venture is created for flexibility to adapt the types of sessions needed for each partnership based upon their needs and goals.

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  • Business Owners/Partners
  • Sibling Partnerships
  • Business Owner & Spouse
  • Spouses in Business Together
  • Next Generation Transitions
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Mike & Megan Gilger
Partner Design

From working with Scott for over a year our business has a deeper and more profound direction, our confidence in our work has dramatically increased, and more than anything, we are working the best we have as a couple working and living together. We have been able to make big moves with clarity and confidence, while navigating in the healthiest way we could imagine, the rawness, excitement, and struggle with transitioning.

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Executive Consultant | Leadership Coach | Strategic Advisor

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Consultant | Leadership Coach | Team Engagement

Partner | CEO | Executive Advisor


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