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About Us

At Scott Hackman Ventures, we believe our clients and their employees have the capacity to bring their fullest selves to their work environment resulting in personal and professional fulfillment. This is only possible based on our fundamental work principles. We believe in a LEARNING STANCE, the WHOLE PERSON, SHARED INTELLIGENCE, and an INCLUSIVE CULTURE. The Ventures we design all have these principles as the foundation in how we work internally and with our clients.
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Our Work Principles

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We Believe in a Learning Stance

We engage in a learning stance both internally and externally as a guide. We actively listen to discover what is needed within an organization and remain open to new ideas or thought patterns that would not have been previously been considered. This curiosity provides space for adaptability within a given program based on client culture, dynamics, and desired outcomes.

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We Believe in the Whole Person

Organizations thrive when individuals feel safe to bring their whole selves to what they do. Safety is created by addressing individual fears and limitations, seeing vulnerability as a strength, and responding to the other with empathy. These embodied practices result in a team that trusts each other to thrive personally and professionally.

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We Believe in a Shared Intelligence

We believe you know your organization better than we do. We bring our expertise along with your intimate organizational knowledge to guide your team. Together, we uncover barriers to growth and create a program based on your identified needs in order to have sustainable ongoing growth.

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We Believe in a Inclusive Culture

We believe diverse teams produce the best results and need an inclusive environment to thrive. Cultivating an inclusive environment requires individuals to reflect, suspend judgement of others, be open to change by seeking feedback around blind spots and celebrating differences. It allows others to come forward in their strengths to develop the whole organization and the whole person.

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