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TEAM Venture

[teem ven-cher]

We believe the greatest opportunity to achieve organizational goals is through its people. The Team Venture uncovers the barriers getting in the way of people bringing their fullest potential to reach organizational goals. Our Team Venture starts with meeting with the leader(s) to identify the desired goal. After the goal is named, we meet with key team members to understand their unique strengths and the barriers getting in the way of them bringing their full selves to the table. We then co-create a unique Team Venture Plan to address the named barriers in order to maximize their people and reach identified goals. Our Team Ventures are best designed for a core group of 15 people or less.

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  • Leadership/Ownership Transitions
  • New Team Member Integration
  • Organizational Change
  • Goal/Strategy Development
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Team Dysfunction & Trust
  • Work Principles
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Mateen Afzal
President & Chief
Transformation Officer

PDC Machines

Over the past six years Scott has stewarded us through several monumental transitions in our rapidly growing family business. His expertise in family succession and management transitions were instrumental in providing the framework for the future governance of our enterprise. As a direct result of Scott’s mastery of individual and group facilitated workshops with our organization and its leadership, we are without a doubt better equipped to engage and empower our broader teams to achieve success.


We are your ongoing guides to execute the Team Venture Plan, including individual coaching with each team member, facilitating group conversations, and ongoing executive consulting.

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Our individual coaching creates a safe space to process one’s strengths and weaknesses without judgement in order to bring out their fullest potential.​

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Group facilitation

Our group facilitation creates space to have open and vulnerable conversations to address team dysfunction and built trust. This is done through naming group norms, introducing group learning to close knowledge gaps, facilitating discussions around learning, monitoring team progress towards the common goal, and adjusting agendas based on what is being discovered through the group’s shared intelligence.
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executive consulting

Our executive consulting ensures alignment of individual coaching and group facilitation with the organizational goal. We provide observations and consult with the leader(s) on how to adjust the Team Venture Plan based on ongoing feedback in order to reach the team and organization’s fullest potential.

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MSIOP, ODCP, CPC | Organization Development Specialist | Process Consultant | Leadership Coach

Executive Consultant | Leadership Coach | Strategic Advisor

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Consultant | Leadership Coach | Team Engagement

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