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When a business is poised for growth, there is risk involved in the transition and transformations needed to move forward. By navigating the people side of business, our goal is to walk alongside our clients during this process.

We call these partnerships Ventures.

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for us to learn more about your goals in order to customize your Venture.

ven•ture [ ven-cher ]
noun – a risk or dating journey or undertaking

Venture with Us

At Scott Hackman Ventures, we believe that everyone in an organization is a leader and has the capacity to influence those around them. We’ve designed our ventures for individuals to bring their fullest selves to their work environment resulting in maximum engagement for the individual and organization.

I invite you to discover what’s possible through our LEADERSHIP, CORE, TEAM and LEARN Ventures and am excited to grow alongside of you.

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Founder & CVO

Leadership Venture

We partner with individuals and executives to clarify their vision for leadership and life. We ask the hard questions and have the vulnerable conversations to overcome barriers, seek feedback around blind spots, and unlock potential to realize your fullest self.

CORE Venture

Core Ventures focus on partners looking for alignment to clarify their vision. We work with partners, siblings, or spouses – we call it the core relationship, as its alignment is the core of what’s needed to accomplish the shared vision. We invest both individually and collectively to define and reach your collective goal.

TEAM Venture

The Team Venture is designed for leaders to uncover the barriers getting in the way of the team bringing their fullest potential to reach organizational goals. The Team Venture includes individual coaching for team members, group facilitation, and executive consulting.

LEARN Venture

Our Learn Venture is designed for the development of the whole organization. We learn about your goals and blind spots and design a curriculum specific to the cross functional development of the organization. This includes interactive participation through group workshops & facilitation.

Meet Our Team

We have personally experienced the pain points business leaders face when it comes to change and growth. We have spent the time learning about the causes and we know the resources to unlock potential and align goals to the best possible outcome. We have been involved in business startups, including a family business, and had to work through many challenging dynamics. We have designed, launched, and led 30 leadership development training programs. Collectively, we have banked over 5,000 hours coaching with business leaders and private business owners.

We’re Ready to Venture With You!

MSIOP, ODCP, CPC | Organization Development Specialist | Process Consultant | Leadership Coach

Executive Consultant | Leadership Coach | Strategic Advisor

ACC | Process Consultant | Leadership Coach | Facilitator

Consultant | Leadership Coach | Team Engagement

Partner | CEO | Executive Advisor

Guided By Our Work Principles

The Ventures we design are all based on our fundamental work principles—the foundation for how we work internally and with our clients.

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We engage in a learning stance that provides adaptability based on client culture, dynamics, and desired outcomes.

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Organizations thrive when individuals feel safe to bring their whole selves to what they do.

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We bring our expertise with your intimate organizational knowledge to co-create sustainability for ongoing growth.

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We believe diverse teams produce the best results and need an inclusive environment to thrive.

The Result: Personal and Professional Fulfillment 


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Discover and name your values in order to get focused, stay the course, and grow as a leader.