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Navigating the People Side of Business

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We’re passionate about positioning leaders to flourish.
We help leaders and organizations navigate change to reach their full potential. We do this through ventures tailored for your team & company based on where you are, and where you are going.
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One of the biggest differences I notice as a result of coaching with Scott is transformed relationships with colleagues. He encouraged me to think about values of others and how they drive our thinking and behavior. I’ve learned more effective ways of engaging with others in the company to understand their points of view. I’ve been able to resolve conflicts through a consensus-based approach that presents a united front to employees.

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Unlocking potential and aligning goals for the best possible outcomes.

We partner with individuals and executives to clarify their vision for leadership and life. We ask the hard questions and have the vulnerable conversations to overcome barriers, seek feedback around blind spots, and unlock potential to realize your fullest self.

Core Ventures focus on partners looking for alignment to clarify their vision. We work with partners, siblings, or spouses – we call it the core relationship, as its alignment is the core of what’s needed to accomplish the shared vision. We invest both individually and collectively to define and reach your collective goal.

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The Team Venture is designed for leaders to uncover the barriers getting in the way of the team bringing their fullest potential to reach organizational goals. The Team Venture includes individual coaching for team members, group facilitation, and executive consulting.

Our Learn Venture is designed for the development of the whole organization. We learn about your goals and blind spots and design a curriculum specific to the cross functional development of the organization. This includes interactive participation through group workshops & facilitation.

Engaged employees result in increased performance.

If you are here, you have experienced the pain points of individuals who are just surviving in the work environment. When employees are engaged, aligned, and bringing their fullest potential, it not only affects the culture of the organization, but its overall performance.

Business Impact

92% of small business owners agree mentors have a direct impact on their growth and the chances for their businesses to survive.1

Employee Performance

A Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching 80% reported increased self-confidence, 73% improved their relationships, 72% improved their communication skills, and 70% improved work performance.2

Employee Engagement

Coaching has a positive effect on affective, skill-based, and individual-level results outcomes as well as well-being, coping, work attitude, and goal-directed self-regulation.3,4

Ready to Make Better Decisions as a Leader?

We have a tool just for you — 1 Week to Better Decision Making

Consistency, stress management and healthy habit building are practices that help leaders make their best decisions. We’ll help guide you through a process to discover and name your values in or to get focused, stay the course, and grow as a leader … in just 7 days!


Ready to Make Better Decisions as a Leader?

Discover and name your values in order to get focused, stay the course, and grow as a leader.