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Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

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Thanks to COVID-19, we are in a time of major transition. It’s common during transitions to lose people, places, and things that were once standard in our lives. With shortages of basic necessities, we may become less concerned with material things, so that we can focus more on what matters most: our communities and the people we care about. We may slow our busy minds to think more responsibly, thoughtfully, and mindfully. May we all become stronger self leaders in the process.

Practice Self-Care

During times of crisis, with increased restrictions and uncertainty, there is a need to increase your self-care. I offer you the advice of a flight attendant: make sure you put your mask on first before helping others.

Take breaks when you need them. If they are frequent, so be it. When you are tired rest. When you are angry, feel it. When you are sad, name it. When you are scared, find comfort. Reach out friends and family for help, and let go of the discomfort of learning new patterns of behavior.

Ask for more help from your children. Let go of needing to perform schooling tasks when you are not a school teacher because school teachers are superheroes (let’s be real).

Notice the emotional stress and how it is impacting your mood. How is it impacting your thinking? Where is it showing up in your body? Ask yourself how you feel. What is the emotion? Anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, doubt, and worry are most likely to present themselves in uncertainty. You are not alone. Your mind and body are putting you on alert.

Also notice when you are calm, confident, and clear. What are you doing? Where are you physically? Who are you talking with? Take those actions more frequently.

Access Wisdom

We are fortunate to have technology that helps us fulfill family responsibilities and provide social connections. Pick up your phones, access virtual meeting apps, and step up to find new ways of connecting. We have the capacity and capability to listen and become more resourceful to solve problems like never before.

One of the greatest things we have access to is the emotional and mental wisdom stored in human minds. Now is a great opportunity to listen, ask questions, and talk to others to draw out the wisdom we all hold. In the process, we will build the social and relational muscles.

Find Your Courage

We are not entitled to our luxury or privilege. We are given them by birth, hard work, and opportunities others were not given.

I am one of those privileged people. I too am learning to let go. Find your courage, and when you lose it, reach out. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

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Scott Hackman is the Founder and CVO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leading growth through transitions.
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