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Power or Influence? How True Connection Impacts Leadership

Over the last several decades, the way we understand power dynamics has changed. We are experiencing a cultural shift in the workplace from a dominant culture to a connective culture. Power vs. Influence in the Workplace In the dominant workplace culture paradigm, power is emphasized in leadership and is often obtained from one’s position or […]

Practicing Mindfulness Supports Wellness in the Workplace

Now, more than ever, leaders are experiencing high stress, burnout, and fatigue. However, it is possible to pivot to a greater sense of wellbeing in the workplace. Using time-tested mindfulness practices backed by brain science, you can learn to regulate your emotions, optimize your performance, and feel better in the workplace – and lead your […]

Leadership Mindset Shift: From Hero to Host

Light bulb turned on

We had the privilege of sitting down with Cynthia Moore-Hollinshed of Coaching for Clarity, LLC to talk about Leadership Stances and the importance of taking off our “hero” capes as leaders. This mindset shift from hero to host opens up more shared intelligence and allows our teams to shine. The Illusion of Specialness Margaret Wheatley […]

Healthy Conflict: How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace for Thriving Teams

Two groups of multicultural illustrated people lined up and standing across from each other

Disengage. Run! Panic. Defend. The concept of conflict at work carries such a negative association that simply saying the word “conflict” triggers one of the above reactions. There seems to be an underlying belief that all workplace conflict is bad, and it will only make situations worse. The key is to engage in healthy conflict […]

Is There Hope for the Jaded Leader? Snuff Out Executive Burnout

5 matches with one burned and one sprouting a leaf

The nature of the 21st century executive is to cram 24+ hours of intentional activities into a 24 hour day. So many organizations are doubling down on command and control, birthing leaders who run on a combination of caffeine, adrenaline and half-functioning exhaustion. As a leader, this behavior is magnified because you are often faced […]

Practicing gratitude in Leadership

Why is gratitude important in leadership? For many leaders, the daily practice of gratitude isn’t something that is often given top priority, however, the positive impacts gratitude can have on you and your team may cause you to think again. Historically, our brains are hard-wired for the negative—to see what’s wrong, to solve problems, to […]

Building Trust through Vulnerability

Group giving a high five in office setting

How vulnerability reveals blind spots and how courage is a muscle we can flex to build trust. Taking the temperature of your team: Are you noticing division and reserved communication between your team members? When expectations are misaligned, it becomes remarkably challenging for team members to stay engaged, perform tasks well, and solve problems across […]

Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Illustration of person standing with a shadow that has a hero cape

Thanks to COVID-19, we are in a time of major transition. It’s common during transitions to lose people, places, and things that were once standard in our lives. With shortages of basic necessities, we may become less concerned with material things, so that we can focus more on what matters most: our communities and the […]

Adversity is Good for Self Leadership

Man standing with illustration of raised hands behind him

In workshops, naming the skills built on The Self Leadership Journey serves as an exercise for self-reflection and group learning. Participants chronicle the expertise they learned and the skills they developed during times of VUCA at any given point of their life, personally or professionally. When people share this journey with peers across teams they […]


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