How to Lead a Team With Mindfulness

Harvard Business School conducted a survey of service professionals and found that 94% of them worked 50+ hour weeks. In a workplace survey conducted by Staples, 78% of employees felt their employers shared the responsibility of their mental and physical wellness. Such a substantial amount of precious time in your life span is dedicated to […]

Practicing Mindful Leadership for Business Success

An individual’s capacity to lead is a direct reflection of their wholeness. When a leader comes to work, they don’t leave pieces of themselves at the door…nor should they have to. The risk that fragments of their brokenness would seep into the work, affecting interactions with the team and reducing the organization’s cohesion and success […]

Is There Hope for the Jaded Leader? Snuff Out Executive Burnout

The nature of the 21st century executive is to cram 24+ hours of intentional activities into a 24 hour day. So many organizations are doubling down on command and control, birthing leaders who run on a combination of caffeine, adrenaline and half-functioning exhaustion. As a leader, this behavior is magnified because you are often faced […]

The Importance of Leadership Alignment

Company culture is a direct reflection of its leadership. When an Executive Team is on the same page about moving forward to resolve issues, reach objectives, and communicate these solutions effectively, harmony ensues and permeates throughout the organization. Mastery of this alliance is evident in the way in which small groups or departments mirror the […]

Virtual Leadership Activities that Build Trust Among Teams

Now more than ever, leadership building activities are becoming more of a priority among teams and organizations as a whole. The reality is that each and every team member has a specific need to be met and among those needs is connection and inclusion to a group of people. This can often be challenging as […]

Practicing gratitude in Leadership

Why is gratitude important in leadership? For many leaders, the daily practice of gratitude isn’t something that is often given top priority, however, the positive impacts gratitude can have on you and your team may cause you to think again. Historically, our brains are hard-wired for the negative—to see what’s wrong, to solve problems, to […]

Radical Candor: 5 Tips for Giving Feedback for Leaders

Providing effective feedback is often challenging for many leaders, especially when an individual is faced with having an open and honest conversation regarding something that may feel negative at the time. Typically this is driven by the desire not to hurt a team member’s feelings or damage the relationship. While these are natural fears, in […]

Becoming An Inclusive Leader

As more of the leaders we work with are having conversations centered around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness, it led us to sit down with our trusted partner, Cynthia Moore-Hollinshed, to discuss these topics more deeply. Understanding an Important Difference Oftentimes, leaders believe by adding a diverse group of people to a team, they are […]

Decision Making for Leaders: Strategies to Get Unstuck

So, you want to make better decisions as a leader, but you’re feeling stuck? We’ve all experienced that feeling of uncertainty, when you’re unsure what your next best decision should be. We believe that cultivating calm in your mind and body, will serve you well and put you on the path to conquering difficult decisions […]

Priority Management & the Holidays

This year, more than ever, it’s essential to take time to plan out the holiday traditions and festivities you want to enjoy this year, prioritize who you want to spend the holidays with, and communicate your plan to those you trust. The holidays are often a stressful time for many people, during an ordinary year—this […]