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Key Components of a Leadership Training Program

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Good leadership training programs provide opportunities to challenge participants’ thinking and foster conversation amongst participants that helps them gain new insights into areas of improvement. While many leadership development programs fail, well-crafted leadership training has immeasurable benefits for the individual, team and overall organization–increased engagement and retention, better performance, improved product quality, efficient issue resolution and more.

Effective leadership training programs should have the following components:

  • Clear objectives. The outcomes leadership would like to see should be clearly defined. If there are certain behaviors they would like participants to demonstrate after the training program, knowing that upfront allows the coaches to tailor the content to those needs.
  • Adult learning principles. Leveraging adult learning principles makes leadership development sessions engaging, respecting the participants as the drivers of their own learning. At Scott Hackman Ventures, we refer to this as Head (introducing new content), Heart (what’s really important/interesting to the learner), and Hands (how the participants can practically apply the learning).
  • Regular touch points with a client sponsor. The leadership development program is co-designed with a client sponsor, or a pre-determined contact within the organization that has their finger on the pulse of the workplace. 2-3 sessions should be scheduled with this person during leadership training so the program coaches can receive continuous feedback on how participants are responding and any new business changes that might impact how sessions are structured. The program’s content can then be adjusted as necessary.
  • Breakout discussions. Grouping participants into pairs, triads or quads to discuss reflection questions around the content allows for participants to process the learning during the session, which increases the impact.
  • 1:1 Coaching for participants. After learning amongst peers, adding 1:1 Leadership Coaching can support individuals in overcoming obstacles to personal and professional goals while processing and reflecting on their own personal development.

Meaningful growth and change for any business begins with the leadership team. Leadership development training provides the infrastructure to start key conversations that cultivate a community of learning. Leaders that are open to learning are self-aware, function with a growth mindset and are motivated to perform. An organization’s investment into training its leaders unlocks their potential to reach goals and fulfill vision.

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