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Amy Daws

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Amy Daws is Founder and Principal of You Say Tomato LLC. A bilingual Professional Certified Coach, Amy has held senior executive roles in HR and Communications, while being widely known for her down-to-earth style and ability to connect with people. Amy’s expertise in leadership development and cross-cultural communication led her into global mobility coaching for top executives from corporations such as Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, and Sumitomo. She continues to work with leaders and teams to build high performing organizations and healthy team dynamics.

Amy has an MA in global leadership and a BA in communications (minor: international business). She teaches aspiring coaches through a post-graduate program in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (LCOP) at North Carolina State University. A leadership blogger and speaker, Amy chaired the board of the Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST) and is a contributing writer for Network Magazine. She is passionate about bridging communication gaps and helping diverse people collaborate.


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