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Impact Stories | Rebecca Thomas

CEO at T&T Construction

Leadership Venture with:

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“[SHV has] this unique ability to draw out from individuals the best version of themselves…and it excited me to bring them in.

T & T Construction is a family-owned management group with over a quarter century of exceptional service and more than 300 employees. When Rebecca Thomas was appointed the new CEO, she found herself facing brand-new problems and challenges: a rapidly-growing company, shaky confidence in her team, and a lack of alignment across the leadership of the group.

Thomas was determined to create a vision and get her leaders on the same page to streamline the success of the company, and she knew exactly where to turn – the SHV consultants who had guided T & T Construction through the transfer of leadership from the first generation of the family to the second generation.

SHV consultants conducted several meetings with Thomas to align on her vision for the company culture and leadership development. Once they understood her goals, SHV consultants helped her to map out a plan to transform the company’s culture while creating alignment in the leadership team and developing her top people to maximize their strengths.

SHV recommended a combination of targeted workshops for employees, a Leadership Summit Training event for top leaders, and dedicated mentor training for the leadership team. SHV also offered one on one coaching and executive advising as needed, as well as Hogan assessments and development plans for key players.

Thomas and her team put in the hard work necessary to adjust the company culture and make sure the right people were in the right seats – and were able to bring their best selves to work. As a result of their dedication, they were able to more than double their revenue and cut their employee turnover rate in half. Thomas now has confidence in her top leaders, having leveled up the executive team’s leadership skills and reached alignment on company goals and values.

Other benefits Thomas notes from collaborating with SHV include teams working more effectively and better communication between departments, as well as improved alignment across the leadership team. She also appreciates the new skills her leadership team had learned when it came to conveying the company vision to their teams.

Thomas is a high-quality leader who cares about her employees and values their well-being. Her decision to invest in leadership development and other training has led to greater success for the company and an increase in employee satisfaction.

In Thomas’s own words, “[Working with SHV] is assurance – when I’m not there or I don’t get the opportunity to coach, mentor, motivate, inspire our team, I know SHV is doing that. And when you’re our size…it’s so helpful to have them as a business partner for T & T. Our team has benefited greatly from it.”


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