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Today, we’re answering the question, what makes our leadership development programs different?

As many of you know, we work closely with organizations that are going through growth and transition and provide leadership learning. Our adult learning style promotes smaller leadership venture groups within larger organizations while addressing each individual within the organization and their own response to how the organization is growing and transitioning. Essentially, we support the process of helping team members take a closer look into their own view of themselves as a leader and make connections with fellow leaders in support of one another’s goals. This cultivates a learning community and produces people with a growth mindset open to a culture of feedback for improvement.

The end goal is to encourage individuals to say, “I, as an individual, have strengths and weaknesses. I can learn and grow by building a learning community inside of this organization that’s based on connecting with groups, buddies, mentors, and coaches.”

We provide the infrastructure to start the key conversations and begin fostering open dialogue between these essential groups within an organization.

Let’s take a closer look at the typical process:
Deleted: Step 1: We begin by having critical conversations to fully understand the vision and values of the organization. This is essential to best understand the big picture and provide the appropriate leadership learning.

Step 2: Based on the understanding of the vision and values, we ask the questions— what are the principles by which they want to behave or are already behaving as an organization? And how might they grow in order to get to where they want to go?

Step 3: Once we have identified how they may need to grow in order to achieve their goals, we outline a curriculum based on an aggregate of learning content from the best researchers and practitioners in the world of leadership.

Step 4: We synthesize the curriculum content in order to use it as a catalyst for conversation. These conversations often take place first in a larger group form and then leads to small group breakouts. From there, we formulate an action plan or application of the learning into the daily work of each member within each learning group.

Through these conversations, we’re introducing the concept of how to grow and become deliberate within individual actions. As a result, each individual gets better, each group gets better and then, the organization functions more effectively with intentional communication and stronger teams.

Individuals begin to understand the important skill of learning from their mistakes, weaknesses and failures. Once they have identified each of those within themselves, they’re able to partner with others who share different strengths and weaknesses and grow as a result of the collaboration. When we facilitate the content and learning within the leadership learning groups, the individuals begin to make the connection between the content, the skills being built and the results they’re producing. Through bridging these gaps, each group strengthens their muscle(s) of sharing that information in an informal way as a group. Eventually, this sharing becomes normal and a part of their daily interactions.

Through focusing on each individual and smaller teams, we’re able to form active communities that thrive together and as a result, benefit the overall organization!

Better me+ better you=better us!

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Scott Hackman is the Founder and CVO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leading growth through transitions.
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